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Turnkey Projects

  • We produce many different projects with any type of stone or marble, thanks to the constant updating of technology, and support from technical staff and internal and external collaborators.
  • Flexibility, versatility and professionalism are the elements that guarantee and respond positively to the needs of large clients. It overlooks the national and international markets.
  • A role of attention is now reserved for the intended design as a lever of cultural change, but the great intrinsic value of the result obtained has allowed the use of a complete production cycle that starts from raw material selection and closes in the finished material.
  • The mission is to offer our customers the opportunity to approach the reality of natural stone in an original and creative to give it form and beauty to create a product.
  • Providing service to the customer added value that accompanies the initial design to completion his plan for a turnkey service to the customer.
  • Giving shape to the ideas of the customer is the motto that sums up the mission of AL SHAFAR MARBLE work every day to achieve the client’s ideas with passion, competence, and honesty.

Assistance and Consulting

  • We are offering a full services for architects and constantly looking for alternative solutions and unique to offer to its customers, The vast experience of technology applied to the combined skill of stone materials processing, finishing work team, ensure ongoing support for the completion of ambitious projects in various fields.
  • In addition to projects for the home, where they meet various design inspiration, projects and achievements of classical style and modern minimalist style, perform contract projects, furniture for hotels, offices and workplaces.
  • Each project is a challenge that AL SHAFAR MARBLE gather with enthusiasm for the result of great aesthetic harmony but also highly practical.

Measurement in site:

We perform inspections for detection and possible preventive measures by trained professionals who treat the parts with extreme precision and speed.


The supply is performed at home and laying being carried out by professionals of trust with the possibility of finishing work to create again a new and unique effect.

Finishing at Site

  • The care, which given to the many achievements, it shows in the quality of detail.
  • The workers are able to refine the semi-finished product with skill and attention

Surface Treatment

Provides protection and firming treatments and surface restoration and recovery for all types of renovation or redevelopment.